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The curse of being the sole owner and employee of a business is that it seriously cuts into my gaming time. But that didn't stop me from taking on the challenge of creating a Vault jumpsuit for my client!

The challenge here was finding a pattern a jumpsuit pattern that wasn't for a dance costume. Eventually, I found a feetie pajama pattern that worked. However, the pattern was intended to be baggy and loose. Not only did I have to use a pattern three sizes smaller than my client, but I still had to tweak the seams to make it more form-fitting. But, I took advantage of the massive amounts of slack to put in the front and back seams seen on the jumpsuits in the video game.

I also had to tweak the collar to make it a Mandarin, instead of a "pajama" collar.

The rest was a cakewalk. I made the entire jumpsuit out of blue denim, so my client could easily distress the costume without destroying it. The inside allowed me to play with the four-thread feature of my serger, as I haven't had an excuse to try the safety stitch.

So anyone want to go crawling around in a subterranean dystopia and kill some monsters?

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$200 - 300

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