About Kat

Kat is a semi-professional tailor and operates out of her home in North Carolina. A self-taught tailor, she started sewing at 10 years old by cutting up old clothes to design custom outfits for her dolls. She started attending conventions in 2005 and people liked her designs so much that they offered to pay for commissioned costumes.

In January 2008, Kat officially started Kat's Play, offering custom costumes, sewing patterns, and original designs. Since then, she's amassed several clients -- both domestic and abroad -- and won many awards for her costumes and original designs. She also offers her services as a guest panelist, offering her observations on cosplay, mass media, and nerd culture.

Outside of costuming, Kat has a "real" job as an IT professional and has practiced martial arts for over 30 years, with a concentration in tae kwon do, isshinryu karate, and jujitsu. Her other hobbies include Magic: the Gathering, video games, and reading. Her husband tolerates her obsessions and sometimes encourages them. She is also owned by two cats and has a daughter.