Temari - Naruto

Temari (jounin)

Temari's Jounin/Shippuden outfit is probably the easiest of her outfits to execute. The main "dress" is a kimono, only with elbow-length sleeves and no neckband. The inside is lined with lavender up to the waist for accuracy. I left the part above waist unlined to make it warm-weather friendly.

The sash is a simple band, which attaches in back with velcro. The shoulder ties are sewn to the sash in back, loops up the front and ties behind the neck. The fingerless gloves are also hand-drafted and hand-made.

The only parts I didn't make are the headband, shoes and fishnets (not pictured), which were more easily (and cheaply) obtained commercially. However, the shoes had a lot of "play" in the instep strap, which would make walking with them on difficult. So I tightened them up with a quick slip-stitch.

I like the character, so I may make this again for myself!

Model: Susan Echard
Photo Credit: Susan Echard

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