Sarah Williams - Labyrinth
Sarah Williams

Some people would make Sarah's normal outfit first and then make the ballgown. Not me! I did the ballgown first and did the normal outfit as an afterthought.

The poet's blouse is based off a Renaissance/poet's shirt pattern and the vest off a standard vest pattern. The only alteration was to make the blouse a button-down, instead of a pullover like the pattern originally intended.

Both garments were made entirely from scraps I had in my pile. The blouse is made from large peices of muslin saved from other projects and the buttons came from a stack of buttons that I bought in bulk from a sale at Jo-Ann's several years ago.

The vest is made from more muslin scraps for the back and lining and the front is made from scrap twill. The front is overlaid with embroidered sheer material meant for curtains.

Even the jeans went through my sewing machine. The only jeans I could find with the right fit and color were bootcuts. So a few quick snips and runs through the machine made straight-legs.

Two pieces of my jewelry are hand-made. The bracelet was part of a three-strand bracelet, with the strands connected by a small bit of metal. Once I snipped the metal piece off, I took off a strand to make the bracelet Sarah bribes Hoggle with. The charm on Sarah's vest is emulated by a small medallion of an angel looking over two children, with a strand of chain linked to it.

I even have Sarah's beloved book! I found a small journal at Hobby Lobby with a red leather cover and added some gold lettering on it.

Add in a ring (a donation for the Wiseman), gray socks, brown flats and my wig and I'm ready to search for Toby!

Model: Kat

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