Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite

For all you old school '80s fans, a bit of nostalgia! I had old '80s cartoons on the brain and found akuriko's version of Rainbow Brite on Cosplay.com. It inspired me to make my own attempt at one of my favorite '80s cartoons.

There's not exactly a pattern for this (at least for adults), so everything was completley hand drafted. The dress itself was based off a Lolita-style costume pattern from Simplicity. I cut the sleeves into sections and stuffed them individually to give it the trademark "poofy" look. The stars and the red dots are buttons glued directly to the fabric. My favorite part about this costume is that it swirls when I spin around, which is an ultra-cute, if unintended, touch.

The Color Belt is separate from the dress, so any villians at a convention can "steal" it from me. The "buckle" is craft foam painted in the correct colors.

The boots are based off a pair of Ugg knock-offs I found at K-Mart. I cut off the tops and used them to make the pattern for the poofy tops. Then I covered the leftover parts of the boots and painted the soles. The boot tops and the fabric covers are attached with a lot of hot glue.

The wig is an official "Grease" Sandy costume wig with a purple bow and a red star button sewn into the knot.

Model: Kat

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$440 - 540

Disclaimer: All the costumes displayed here are derivative pieces from anime, video games, etc. I do not own the originals that inspire them. All pictures are posted with the consent of those pictured.