Oboro - Basilisk

Oboro Iga

One of my best friends is a fellow fan of the series and cosplays Akeginu, so I promised her that I would cosplay a character from the series to compliment her. After watching the series myself, I picked out Oboro. I don't usually go for the sweet, loving, goody-two-shoes characters, but Oboro is a very strong woman in her own right. And purple is my favorite color!

This is one of my easier cosplays, since kimonos are pretty simple to assemble. To make the costume more "heat friendly", I made a kimono-style undershirt to give the illusion of wearing two kimonos. The obi is actually two pieces: a really long and wide strip of cloth that I tie around my waist. Then another strip folded in on itself to simulate a bow, with another strip attached that wraps around both strips and attaches with velcro. The head scarf is merely another strip, held on with string tied around my ponytail. The tabi and zori are both commercially bought.

The costume is very easy, so it should make a lot of conventions as my "chill" costume. I really love this kimono!

Model: Kat

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