Dewprism / Threads of Fate
Dewprism / Threads of Fate

Do I hear obscure Square games for Playstation? Dewprism (aka Threads of Fate in the US) is a roleplaying game that my client enjoys enough to have Mint, one of the main characters as her forum avatar.

The black part of the costume is a mock-neck, sleeveless leotard, which covers her body and gives her the freedom to move around without the fear of wardrobe malfuntions. The top and skirt are both derived from a commercial tunic and skirt pattern. I just cut away the parts that weren't Mint!

The white areas I hand-drafted directly on the pattern, cut out and sewed onto the garments. In Mint's character design, the front of her skirt dips down really low, so I added a black insert piece to the skirt front for stability. The black trim is black bias tape. Most of the labor came from carefully applying it to the rear part of the skirt.

The head dress is a square of leftover fabric, trimed in bias tape. The bows are scrunched up white squares, sewn to the rear corners. The whole deal is sewn to a giant spring barrette.

Model: Colleen Mead
Photo Credit: Colleen Mead

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$350 - 450

Disclaimer: All the costumes displayed here are derivative pieces from anime, video games, etc. I do not own the originals that inspire them. All pictures are posted with the consent of those pictured.