Ash Ketchum

I'm surprised that I haven't been commissioned for this before! This commission was pretty simple. The overshirt was derived from a men's dress shirt pattern and made from medium-weight twill and trimmed with bias tape. Though the pattern did not call for pockets, I was able to jury-rig a couple of small functional pockets.

The cap was made with a red baseball cap I found at Hobby Lobby. I traced out a pattern for the white front on pattern fabric and made it from leftover twill from the shirt, hand-sewing it to the front. The logo was sketched out on the pattern and cut out to make a stencil for fabric paint.

The gloves were the most time-consuming, because the narrow seam allowance calls for hand-sewing. I found a cheap pair of sports gloves to cut up for my pattern and hand-sewed them together.

My Pokémon toys look really happy to be part of the picture, don't they?

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$350 - 450

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