Harley Quinn - Batman

"Dark Knight" Harley Quinn (original concept)

When I saw The Dark Knight at the theater, my first thought was: "Wow, Heath Ledger is The Joker!" My second was: "He needs a Harley." Every Batman fan has an idea of what a Nolan-verse Harley should look like and this is mine. The Ledger Joker is largely faithful to the comics, but made grittier and more creepy. So I tried to go the same route for Harley.

The dress is based off a hand-drawn pattern I had on-hand for another project. I dyed the gloves and added stockings and falls for my hair. The scars on my face are made of liquid latex and toilet paper. Make-up is standard clown paint.

Model: Kat

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$380 - 480

Disclaimer: All the costumes displayed here are derivative pieces from anime, video games, etc. I do not own the originals that inspire them. All pictures are posted with the consent of those pictured.