Formal Ponyo
"Formal" Ponyo
Ponyo (on the Cliff by the Sea)

I'm nothing, if not adaptable. The Sunday before AWA '10, I decided to fix up my usual "formal" Integra ballgown so that I wouldn't keep stepping on the skirt when I walked. However, when trying it on to see where to hem it up, it tried to eat me! The zipper got stuck and wouldn't move and I couldn't wriggle out of it. I ended up having to cut myself out!

So I was faced with the delimma of repairing the dress or attempting to alter a cocktail dress I had bought from eBay. Then my husband came up with the suggestion of a "formal" Ponyo dress. Brilliant!

After a surprise find of sparkly red shoes in the girls' shoe section of Target (I have very little feet) and an emergency fabric run to Jo-Ann, I was able to produce a cute party dress for Ponyo in just three days.

The dress is the same as my "normal" Ponyo dress, only made from red satin. The only deviation was adding in a glittery tulle overlay for the skirt. I replaced the gigantic bloomers with an equally gigantic ruffly petticoat bought at another convention for my Lolita cosplays and grabbed some scrap ribbon to tie around my head, positioning a big bow by my temple. Add in the aforementioned shoes, my wig and bucket and I was ready to dance the night away as Ponyo!

Model: Kat

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