Queen Emeraldas

Queen Emeraldas
Captain Harlock

I love old school anime and I love making old school anime costumes even more.

The jacket is based off a Civil War-style soldier's jacket. The modifications I made include making the front flap wider and eliminating the waist seams and pleats on the back. I made the collar a little wider and free-based the fold-up cuffs.

Because of the odd and tight corners of the skull and crossbones applique, I did a combination of a narrow zig-zag stitch and sealing the edges with a little fabric paint. A little black fabric paint make the "teeth". I found a nice gold military-style braid at Hobby Lobby and trimmed the hem and flap edge with it. A line of eight mid-sized snaps close the jacket.

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$250 - 350

Disclaimer: All the costumes displayed here are derivative pieces from anime, video games, etc. I do not own the originals that inspire them. All pictures are posted with the consent of those pictured.