Daisya Barry - D.Gray-man
Daisya Barry
D. Gray-man

The client for this commission lives all the way in Belgium! That's right, Kat's Play is now an international costumer!

The costume was rather simple to design, with little alteration on commercial patterns. The cloak is modified from a cape pattern and pulls over the head. I added a little extra panel in front to remain faithful to the character's design. The hood was only modified to make the back come to a point. The white trim is bias tape.

The wimple is based off a ninja hood pattern, with the eye hole part extended to show the whole face while still covered the head. It closes in front with a couple of velcro closures.

The real challenge was making Daisya's crest and the bell on the end of the hood. The crest is three layers of craft foam glued together and painted with acrylic paint. It pins to the cloak, thanks to a piece of bias tape and a big safety pin glued to the back of it.

The bell is, of all things, a Christmas tree ornament, painted to give it a dull metallic sheen. The holes are simulated with a permanent marker. It attaches via a small strip sewn to the end of the hood. The strip has a snap closure on it, so the bell can be removed and admired. (And it allows my client to wash her costume!) I love using things in ways they weren't intended!

The white pants are a generic pair of slacks, which I made to double as something my client can wear as "street clothes". I chose the slacks' pattern because the legs are narrow enough to allow my client to stuff them in a pair of boots. I don't know how people view cosplayers in Belgium, so I designed the costume for portability. She can wear the pants and a shirt on the way to the convention while carrying the cloak, wimple and accessories in a bag, putting everything on at the convention door. And "normal" people are none the wiser!

Model: Kimberly de Boey
Photo Credit: Kimberly de Boey

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