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Fire Emblem: Awakening

I love a challenge and this commission delivered! While the basic garments are relatively simple, the details and appliqué added a lot of effort and time.

The jacket features 16 separate appliqué, along with false lapels and decorative buttons. The gold satin cuffs also sports about 20 separate lines of embroidery with gold borders. The outside is purple twill. It is fully lined with magenta broadcloth.

The inner shirt is muslin, with 12 lines of embroidery. It is sleeveless to make the costume more heat-friendly. The shirt has a big, stand-up collar, made with scrap purple twill and gold satin.

The knee-lentgh pants are white twill, with a 3-button fly. The front has brown bias tape trim and hand-embroidered brown dots.

The belt and butt-cape are all done with scraps. The belt is faux-leather and lined with light brown broadcloth. The butt cape is three pieces and features 8 gold appliqué in total. The back also has grommets with brown leather laces. I also made two soft brown belts to keep the belt in place.

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$1,500 - 2,000

Disclaimer: All the costumes displayed here are derivative pieces from anime, video games, etc. I do not own the originals that inspire them. All pictures are posted with the consent of those pictured.