Asuka Kazama - Tekken 5

Asuka Kazama (kimono version)
Tekken 5

When I say that I like a challenge, this costume delivered! The kimonos and sash were easy enough and the spider web designs gave me little trouble. The inner kimono is made of muslin and the outer kimono and sash are both made of silk. Both kimonos are made according to traditional lines, with the exception that the traditional sleeve and side slits are not present. The design on the sleeves is done with metallic white fabric paint.

The true challenge was in emulating Asuka's "bandage bra" top. Asuka obeys the anime/video game cliché of gravity-defying breasts. The obstacle here was figuring out how to give the top a bandaged look without risking my full-figured client's popping out of it. The solution I came up with was to use a belly-dancer's bra top as a base, then layer strips on top of it, with a few more strips in back for added support. I sewed them on just enough to keep them on and allow my client to adjust them as desired.

Model: Kimberly Smith

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$500 - 600

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