Aegislash gijinka

Source: Pokemon
Photo Credit: Trevor Christman
Model: Trevor Christman
Price: $560 - 660 (robe, bracers, obi, scarf)

My client for this commission proposed a fun challenge: take his original design for his gijinka and make it reality. While he lent his awesome talent to make his shield and sword, I set to work making the rest.

Given that Aegislash looks like Excalibre (in fact, that's what I named in it in Pokemon X when I caught it), I decided to make this look like a knights templar. The robe was based off a commercial Jedi-esque pattern that I've had forever. The outer fabric is black micro-twill and lined with gray broadcloth. The light purple swirls are all handdrafted and appliqued, which took the bulk of my time making it. The edges are bordered with handmade gold silk bias tape.

The gray obi was a strip of extra broadcloth, with two velcro strips in back. The scarf is more scraps and applique.

The bracers were created with knowledge I gained from Rainbow Cloud, but even better. Instead of shaping the bracers and using almost two cans of Plastidip, I instead sealed the bracers with gesso and then sprayed on the Plastidip. Since Trevor doesn't have my tiny hands, the bracers are held closed with more velcro.

Think Aegislash is ready to defeat the Pokemon Champion?