Edward Kenway - Assassin's Creed
Edward Kenway
Assassin's Creed

Every time a new Assassin's Creed game comes out, I get inundated with requests for costumes of the latest time-traveling assassin in the franchise. Someone finally committed to it and I was happy to take up the challenge.

The costume is as historically accurate as possible. The shirt is made from linen with brass grommets and leather thong to close the front. The pants are cotton twill, with a historically correct "pee flap" instead of the modern button fly.

The doublet proved a challenge because the commercial pattern I used as my base is horribly designed. So I did several bouts of trial and error with mock-ups before I hit upon the right combination. It is closed with a lot of hook-and-eye closures. I used twill for the outer layer and broadcloth for the lining and attached the trademark peaked hood to it. The butt-cape is more twill, attached in front by hook-and-eye closures.

The outer vest is real cowhide leather. While my machine was a real trooper, it did break my handwheel when I tried to add the details on the front. I guess sewing over a grommet and three layers of cowhide was too much to ask of my big girl. So I had to resort to gluing the details on. Brass grommets finish the details.

The arm guards are deerskin. I put anorak snaps on the lower half for easy on and off and elastic on the upper arms. Black grommets serve as decoration. A 20" x 2 yd. strip of red peachskin makes the sash.

Now I'm going to take a leap of faith before tackling my next project.

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$900 - 1,000

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