Here are some of the costumes that I have done, along with price estimates. (Those that don't have price estimates were done before I started taking commissions.) Mouse over the character name to see the image and basic information. Clicking the name will show you a larger version of the image, along with construction notes.

Princess Leia (Hoth version)
Source: Star Wars
Model: Patrick Foss
Price: $210 - 310

Rose Lolita
Source: n/a
Model: Kat
Price: contact for quote

Source: The Avengers
Model: n/a
Price: $1,300 - 1,500

Riku (Vest)
Source: Kingdom Hearts
Model: n/a
Price: $110 - 150

Lolita Captain America
Source: Lolita Avengers fanart by Khriztian León
Photo Credit: Frost Photography
Model: Kat
Price: $790 - 890

Princess Bubblegum (Tea Dress)
Source: Adventure Time
Model: n/a
Price: $445 - 545

Source: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Model: n/a
Price: $1,100 - 1,500

Source: Guilty Gear
Model: Eric Maly
Price: $340 - 440

Source: Brave
Photo Credit: Graeme Rock
Model: Kat
Price: $835 - 1,000 (entire costume; click for pricing breakdown)

Princess Celestia
Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Model: Kathleenn Morphew
Photo Credit: Midday Enchantment Photography
Price: $320 - 420