Here are some of the costumes that I have done, along with price estimates. (Those that don't have price estimates were done before I started taking commissions.) Mouse over the character name to see the image and basic information. Clicking the name will show you a larger version of the image, along with construction notes.

Vault Female
Source: Fallout
Model: n/a
Price: $145 - 245

Princess Allura / Princess Fala
Source: Voltron / Beast King Golion
Model: Kat
Photo Credit: Otakorp, Inc.
Price: $600 - 700

Demon Lord Ghirahim
Source: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Model: George Kaiser
Price: $600 - 700

Izaya Orihara (jacket)
Source: Durarara!
Model: n/a
Price: $145 - 245

Amber Sweet (Yarn Dress)
Source: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Model: n/a
Price: $470 - 570

Pinkie Pie
Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Model: Kat
Photo Credit: Adam Howell
Price: $150 - 250

Little Sister
Source: Bioshock
Model: Michaela Eakin
Price: $225 - 325

Neo-Queen Serenity
Source: Sailor Moon
Model: Stephanie Luther
Price: $475 - 575 (dress); $80 - 100 (wings)

Sarah Williams
Source: Labyrinth
Model: Kat
Price: $190 - 290 (poet's blouse and vest)

England (Pirate Version)
Source: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Model: n/a
Price: 455 - 555 (jacket only; contact for complete quote)