Sarah & Toby Williams

Source: Labyrinth
Photo Credit: Frost Photography Model: Kat & Sarah
Price: Sarah (blouse and vest) - $190 - 290; Toby - $120 - 150

I'm starting my daughter's introduction into cosplay early! And what better way to start her off than with one of my favorite movies!

I made Sarah a long time ago on a whim after a chance discount on muslin and fabric for the vest. The blouse is based off a Renaissance costume pattern and the vest is a standard vest pattern with a brocaded organza overlay. While I have yet to find a brooch similar to Sarah's in the movie, I think the angel medallion is a fitting substitute. The pants, socks, and shoes are all store-bought.

I had previously made the pajamas for a "Toby doll", but had enough to make a second set of pajamas. The pajamas are a combination of two patterns to get the right "look" from the movie.

Note for child costumes: Children grow so fast! But their costumes are smaller and are done more quickly, so the usual turn-around time can be cut back to one month for infants. Please contact me at least two months beforehand to see if I have an open slot before ordering.