Red Mage
Red Mage
Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy costumes are always such a daunting challenge! And the FF14 version of the Red Mage class features all kinds of embroidery, which posed a challenge of its own.

Unfortunately, I could not get a one-to-one match on the embroidery designs from my client's provided screenshots. But I noticed that the designs on the shoulders and legs looked like a family crest, so I suggested substituting her own family crest instead. To continue the Musketeer vibe of the costume, I also substituted fleur-de-lises for the front and on the hat. I also used my embroidery machine's multihoop function for the first time to create the designs on the cape. The cape designs also features my hand-drawing the designs and scanning them into my laptop to later translate into an embroidery design.

While my machine dubstepped its way through the embroidery (because it sounds like dubstep from downstairs), I went to work on sketching and piecing together the costume proper. I utilized no less than five commercial patterns to get all the pieces together.

The collar is separate and attaches with a series of snaps in back. The jacket is based of a steampunk-style pattern and had to be modified. (The original left nothing to the imagination when it came to cleavage.) It is double-breasted and closes with snaps on both sides. The laces in the back are mostly decorative, but can be tightened if desired. I left the prescribed boning out for the client's comfort.

The pants are standard pants with a button fly and zip, featuring an appliqué on both sides. They are tapered so my client can fight riding boots over them. I was going to attach the butt-bow to the pants, but the weight of the fabric would cause an embrassing wardrobe malfunction. So I substituted an elastic band that hangs off my client's hips and is covered by the jacket's hem. The cape was modified from a DC Bombshell Batgirl pattern and attaches to the jacket with a strip of Velcro. This is to reduce weight and create a safety feature. If the cape catches on something, it will tear off instead of strangling my client!

The hat proved a challenge. I found a perfect one commercially, but when I went to take the cheap lace off, I found out it was glued on! I covered it with some military braid that is unnoticeable from a distance, but complements the insert on the front of the jacket if you look at it closely.

The gloves were bought commercially, cut down and trimmed with scrap fabric.

So whose party needs a mage that both heals and attacks?

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$1,500 - 1,700

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