Rarity (Gijinka)

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Model: Kat
Photo Credit: Frost Photography
Price: $110 - 210

While I love being the spastic Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, Rarity is really my "spirit pony". I love her confidence and creativity. (Truthfully, I think all us cosplayers have a little bit of Rarity in us!)

This dress came together pretty easily, since I wanted something simple for when I'm "cosplayed out" or working the convention and need something easy to wear. The dress is based on a commercial sundress pattern that I bought forever ago and never used until now. A little linen and embroidery magic later and it was done.

Because white linen leaves nothing to the imagination and Rarity is a ****ing lady, I paired the dress with a slip and some sheer stockings. And my favorite white heels. (Seriously, I use those heels for three costumes now.)

The wig, ears, and horn were made by Yaya Han.

So, who's ready for Fashion Week?!