Lolita Captain America

Lolita Captain America
Lolita Avengers fanart by Khriztian León

Ever see something online and instantly know that you have to cosplay it? That was my reaction when I saw Khriztian León's "Lolita Avengers" fanart series. While Iron Man's design was my favorite outfit, Captain America is my favorite Avenger.

The pattern was based off designs out of Gosu Rori, a Japanese Lolita magazine and completely hand-drafted by me. After making a mock-up and tweaking the seams for a better fit, I was ready to create the outfit. This costume was also the inaugural costume on my new combo embroidery/sewing machine, which did all the little details on the jacket and skirt a treat.

The inner blouse is a standard Lolita blouse, without any frills, except for the red lace and ribbon on the collar. The jacket features star buttons and removable lapels for easy attachment of the honor cord. The trademark Captain America shield and Air Force logo are embroidered directly on the jacket.

The skirt is three layers of fabric. The inside is lined with muslin and the underskirt is pieced with alternating red and white rectangles. The overskirt has embroidered stars appliquéd to the skirt. Even the lace on the overskirt has little stars embroidered on it. The red bows on the skirt are hand-knotted and hand-sewed on.

The hat was a cheap costume hat I found on Amazon. I took it apart, took all the stupid decorations off and embriodered the "A" and wings. Then I put it back together and added the trim and star on the front. The boots were another Amazon find, with scrap lace and bows attached.

The gloves and child-sized shield were store-bought. My trusty BFP (big fluffy petticoat), microfiber tights, blonde wig and clip-on pigtails complete the costume.


Model: Kat
Photo Credit: Frost Photography

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