Source: Avengers
Model: n/a
Price: $1,300 - 1,500 (pants, shirt, vest & jacket)

This costume was a huge challenge due to its complexity. Given it's the trickster of the Avengers universe, it's no surprise that I had nightmares of Loki taunting me as I worked to make this costume.

Most of the costume is made of faux leather, but to ensure my client didn't faint from heat exhaustion, I made parts from twill to absorb sweat. The pants are based on a slacks pattern I had on-hand and are lined with cotton twill. They also feature over 1,000 gold studs, hand-installed. The inner shirt is black and green twill with leather strip sleeves. It was based off a Mandarain shirt pattern I also had on-hand, with a V-pattern free-handed in.

The vest is free-handed, with the initial armor-plate and pieced with individually sewn leather strips. The side has about 100 more gold studs. The back is black twill and it all closes with a side zipper. The overcoat, based on a Mandarin coat and sliced into sections to create Loki's trademark look, is black faux leather with green twill lining and gold satin accents. The trim is a gold zipper trim. The epaulets are made of bits of scrap leather.

I had to turn down a lot of commissions and lose a lot of sleep to finish this piece, but I am proud of the results!