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Lina Inverse

I bring you the brilliant, the talented, the beautiful, (and oh so humble)... Lina Inverse!

For this incredibly detailed costume, I applied the skills I learned to make Rainbow Cloud and dredged up the knowledge I retained from the one woodshop class I took in 8th grade so many years ago. I also learned how to work with stretch fabrics, which I had never done before.

Lina is very much a product of the late '80s and early '90s, which means stretch everything! While my preferred fabric for a traveling, bandit-beating sorceress would be twill, that doesn't lend itself well to Lina's fabulous 80's leggings. Since I could not find any stretch twill in the exact shade of pink that I wanted, I instead picked a comfortable cotton knit with a complimenting pale yellow for the silly panties and bra that she wears on the outside. I had never done leggings before and it took several runs through the sewing machine before I was finally satisfied with the snugness.

But the benefits of using knit for the leggings turned out to be a bane for the top, which I envisioned as more of a jacket and needed more body. So I lined the top with some white twill from my scrap bin. This also has the effect of minimizing the appearance of my "girls". (One of Lina's characteristics is she's flat-chested. I'm... not.) The trim is bias tape. The jacket is closed with a sports zipper, hidden by the overlapping bias tape.

The cape was based off the same pattern that I used for Kefka's cape with black twill and purple broadcloth lining. The stand-up collar is lined with really stiff interfacing. The shoulders have industrial velcro for the shoulder armor. The gloves are a stretch leather-type material and hand-sewn, with resin cast jewels glued on the cuffs. The boots are store-bought, modified to accommodate my wide calves, along with more jewels.

The shoulder armor is 6mm EVA foam, trimmed with 2mm craft foam on the edges. However, the circular things on top are each two different-sized Dixie cups stacked together, with a styrofoam ball stuck in the bigger cup. I cut the ends into triangles so they would lay right and covered the whole deal with gesso and Bondo. There is industrial veclro glued to the underside so I can attach them to my cape.

The belts are storebought belts with fabric paint and more resin jewels. The four medallions are more resin jewels and EVA foam. The wrist and belt medallions are attached with elastic and the neck medallion attaches to the cloak clasp with a pin. The earrings are gold-colored ping pong balls with wire shoved into the ball and looped into earring findings. The sword is all wood and Gorilla glue, sanded down until it looked like a sword and painted. The scabbard is stiff cardboard, covered in scrap twill. Top it all off with a piece of scrap bias tape for the headband and my wig and I'm ready to go beat up some bandits.

So who's going treasure hunting with me?

Model: Kat
Photo Credit: Otakon Photosuite

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Full Costume
$1,000 - 1,200

Pants, Top, Gloves, Headband
$380 - 480

Cape & Shoulder Armor
$250 - 350

$40 - 65


Sword, Belts, Scabbard
$270 - 370

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