Jade - Beyond Good and Evil
Beyond Good & Evil

The jacket was modified from a more conventional pattern, with the panels on the shoulders and front hand-sewn. The pants are hand-painted. The bag was hand-drafted and sewn. It also talks, thanks to some sound things from Build-A-Bear.

UPDATE: I recently was contacted by a client that wanted a bag like Jade's for a birthday present. Now that I have 10 years of cosplay experience under my belt, I was able to make one bigger, stronger... you get the idea.

The updated bag was based off my original bag, with the pattern re-drawn from scratch. It is dual-layered with brown twill, with a layer of stiff interfacing in-between the layers to make it stiffer and more "computer-like". The edges are finished with bias tape and the strap matches the fabric. The speaker is netting and craft foam.

I had tossed around the idea of re-making this costume because Beyond Good & Evil is one of my favorite games. Maybe now I have motivation to do so.

Model: Kat

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