Ghirahim - Legend of Zelda
Demon Lord Ghirahim
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I always like a challenge and Ghirahim certianly delivered!

The costume is composed of a one-shoulder leotard along with painted dancer's leggings and broadcloath cape.

I'm particularly proud of the cape, since it forced me to think outside of the box. The end product doesn't even remotely resemble the generic cape pattern I based it off of! Just like in the game, the cape has a large stand-up collar, a single tail in front and three in back. It closes with strategically placed snaps. Given that this is a body-paint heavy costume, I made it out of machine-washable broadcloth.

The gloves are hand-sewn muslin. The medallions on the cape and sash are paperclay and removable. The armband is made of several layers of craft foam.

He looks like a happy little demon, no?

Model: George Kaiser
Photo Credit: George Kaiser

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$900 - 1,000

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