Amber Sweet - Repo the Genetic Opera
Amber Sweet (Yarn Dress)
Repo! The Genetic Opera

Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of my favorite movies, so I was all too happy to tackle one of Amber's elaborate outfits! This one is from the "Who Ordered Pizza?" scene.

The base dress is based off a conventional party dress pattern and is made of muslin. The bodice is covered in loose card wool, loosely attached with spray glue. The skirt features three tiers of hand-knotted black and white yarn fringe. (Yes, I made the fringe by hand!) So the hem of the skirt doesn't show, I cut 13 cm off the dress so the dress will bunch up around my client's hips when she sits and create the "pool" of yarn like in the movie when Amber sits.

If you commission this dress, I can easily add more fringe than what is shown -- or less! It's just a factor of how long it takes me to cut and knot it together.

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$650 - 750

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