Princess Allura
Princess Allura / Princess Fala
Voltron / Beast King Golion

This costume has a lot of sentimental value for a number of reasons. One was that it was being made in response to my brother making his first ever cosplay: Voltron! He would need a spotter in the costume, so I made Allura to go with his costume.

This also has some bittersweet memories. While I was making this, my father was in the hospital, suffering from the after-effects of a stroke. While I was working on it, I got the news that he wasn't going to make it. He died right as my brother and I were pulling into the hospital. It was a mental struggle to get it finished in time for Animazement, but I somehow pulled it off.

The dress was based off a corset and skirt pattern from McCall's. I chopped off the corset at the waistline and joined it to the skirt. Along with free-handing the pointed collar for the top of the bodice and the belt, they were the only modifications I made to the pattern.

Because you can see her petticoat in the cartoon, I made an extra skirt out of muslin and added lace to the bottom, making the dress completely lined. I added an A-line petticoat for extra fullness.

The wig is from Epic Cosplay and the only changes were to fluff it out and add the braids to the sides. I ran out of time to make the jewelry out of paperclay like I originally intended, but the quick substitute of craftfoam provided a light and manageable alternative.

Whether you prefer Voltron or Beast King Golion, Allura/Fala is still a pretty badass role model!

Model: Kat
Photo Credit: Otakon Photosuite

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