Here are some of the costumes that I have done, along with price estimates. (Those that don't have price estimates were done before I started taking commissions.) Mouse over the character name to see the image and basic information. Clicking the name will show you a larger version of the image, along with construction notes.

Terry Bogard (gender-bent)
Source: Fatal Fury
Model: n/a
Price: $150 - 200

Sarah & Toby Williams
Source: Labyrinth
Photo Credit: Frost Photography
Model: Kat & Sarah
Price: Sarah - $190 - 290; Toby - $120 - 150

Red Mage
Source: Final Fantasy 14
Model: n/a
Price: $1,130 - 1,300

Rose Quartz
Source: Steven Universe
Photo Credit: Adam Zalonis
Model: Kat
Price: $800 - 1,000

Kirsten Larson
Source: American Girl
Model: Kat
$600 - 700

Edward Kenway
Source: Assassin's Creed
Model: n/a
Price: $670 - 770

Rarity (Gijinka)
Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Photo Credit: Frost Photography
Model: Kat
Price: $110 - 210

Lina Inverse
Source: Slayers
Photo Credit: Otakon Photo Suite
Model: Kat
Price: $745 - 845

Aegislash (Ginjinka)
Source: Pokemon
Photo Credit: Trevor Christman
Model: Trevor Christman
Price: $560 - 660

"Final Fantasy" Rainbow Brite
Source: Rainbow Brite fanart by gamoogah
Model: Kat
Price: $710 - 810