You've decided what you want to cosplay. And you want me to make it. So, you're asking yourself: "How do I go about ordering?"


You can reach me via the following means:

Information Needed

If I need any other information I will ask for it, but that's the bare minimum I'll need to give a quote.


My commission fee is easy to determine: $15 per hour I spend making it. For example, if I take 10 hours to make your costume, then it would be $150.

To ease the sticker shock and help spread out the price, I only require the cost of materials up front as a non-refundable deposit. The rest of the commission fee is due upon completion of the costume.

Example: Go with the above-mentioned $150 project. Let's say that materials cost $50. So I would ask for a $50 deposit, which allows me to order everything and get started. When I've completed your costume, you would owe $100. Or you would pay $15/hour, minus the deposit.

Note: If it turns out that I grossly mis-quoted the time it will take, I will inform you and work something out with you.

I am also open to negotiating an installment/lay-away plan on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions. I look forward to hearing from you!