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March 24, 2022: Kat's Play is planning to return to the convention scene at Animazement on Memorial Day weekend. However, remnants of Covid are still floating around, so I am monitoring restructions closely. Plans are subject to change, as always. Hope to see you then!

December 18, 2021: Art theft has always been an issue on the Internet, but even moreso with the popularity of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs do little to support the original artist and instead line the pockets of those with the technology and computing power to create and maintain the NFT. Kat's Play will never sell NFTs of its cosplays, commissions, or clients. If you see NFTs of my work, please let me know so I can act to take it down.

In other news, Kat's Play hopes you have a safe and happy holidays and to see you at a convention soon.

July 11, 2021: Kat's Play is back in business with its first commission since the pandemic: Gender-bent Terry Bogard!

December 18, 2020: Kat's Play would like to wish you a happy holidays. It's been a rough year for our country and we hope to see you happy and healthy at a convention soon. Until then, continue to follow local and state guidelines, wear your mask, and get vaccinated when you can. Also, many convention vendors have been hit hard with these shutdowns, so please support them as much as you can.

June 10, 2020: Kat's Play supports the Black Lives Matter movement. If that bothers you, please look elsewhere for your tailoring services.

April 25, 2020: All your local conventions are cancelled? Need to scratch that panel itch? Not to worry! I've posted two of my more popular panels on Youtube.

Please check out You've Probably Never Heard of It: Obscure, Older, and Awesome Anime and What the Heck Are You Watching?!: A Parent's Guide to Anime and Conventions.

I will post more panels as I find time. Stay home, healthy, and safe!

-- Kat

Rose Quartz - Steven Universe