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December 31, 2017: It's New Year's Eve. Ah! The year went by so quickly! Let's end it on a high note with my new commission: Red Mage from Final Fantasy XIV. See you next year at Ichibancon!

November 22, 2017: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Can you believe the year is almost over? While you are binging on turkey and banana pudding, head over to check out the notes on my Rose Quartz cosplay!

November 11, 2017: Nekocon has come and gone. Thank you everyone for my first-ever Nekocon award in the Hall Contest. You might have noticed that Kat's Play has slowed down in its output lately. That's because I've been crazy busy with commissions and finally accomplishing what I've been trying to do for years on the "real life" front: I'm 7 weeks pregnant!

May 28, 2017: Things have been so busy in the world of Kat's Play. Starting a new job, completing commissions, and our homecoming at Animazement! But we've got a new cosplay up in the gallery: Kirsten Larson from American Girl!

January 29, 2017: Hope you guys are enjoying the new year! Kat's Play has now been in business for 9 years! Thank you all for your continued support. Check out our new commission!

-- Kat

Rose Quartz - Steven Universe